2024 UPass (Fake Pee) Review And Buyer's Guide (2024)

So you have a drug test coming up? If it’s a urine drug test you’re probably worried. Those tests are accurate. But luckily—as with most school tests—you can cheat on this one too.

Companies are actually developing products that can replicate real piss. It’s quite astounding. These companies study the makeup of real urine’s substances and replicate them to create artificial pee.

When you submit fake piss into the collection cup there is almost a 100% guarantee that you’ll pass. The technical details are quite complicated, but I know you simply want an effective solution, no matter the science behind it. Finding a synthetic urine that works means you don’t have any worries because you can pass the test.

One particular product you may consider buying is the UPass Synthetic Urine. This product has mixed reviews. Some people have passed the test but others have not. We’ll give you some background information. Whether you use this product or not is completely up to you. Is this what you need to pass your next test?

If you’re in a hurry, you can jump to conclusion or buy UPass here.

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Why Choose U Pass?

Real Uric Acid

This product already has uric acid pre-mixed which most labs now test for. Also, it works both for males and females. See full ingredients list here.

Not Targeted By Labs

It’s not as well-known as, for example, Quick Fix so chances are labs are not looking for this specific composition to catch cheaters. See comparison with Quick Fix here.

Produced By Safeguard

The company behind the product has years of good track record in the drug testing sector. They claim it never failed if used properly.

New Formula

The company recently updated their product formula to version 8.4 to stay ahead of the labs. More info in the conclusion.

24hr Support

We recommend buying U-Pass from BuyFakeUrine.com which offer 24 hour support for their customers.

Ingredients List

The ingredients consist of those components that are necessary to replicate human piss.


Safeguard product doesn’t have creatinine levels below 15Mg per 1Kg of the body weight. These levels ensure the synthetic pee doesn’t look too diluted compared to natural urine. The creatinine has a specific gravity of concentrated solids and density which make the fake urine appear real.


The product’s artificial urine has a pH range between 4.6 and 8. This is important to look for when you purchase fake piss because it matches natural urine.


Urea is a component that shows up in natural urine. This is why UPass has urea. You should look for it in other fake pees too. If there is an absence of urea then your pee instantly shows as fake. U-Pass also replicates the same color and odor as real piss.
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Package contents

The package consists of these basic items which are easy to use:

  • 3oz synthetic pee.
  • One plastic bottle. This specialized bottle reduces heat loss.
  • Heating pad.
  • It’s used to help obtain the perfect temperature.
  • Rubber band. It’s used to attach the heat pad to the bottle.
  • Instructions

U Pass 8.4 Instructions / How To Use

It’s important to follow the instructions supplied with the packaging. It can be tricky so it’s recommended you practice a couple of times.

Step One

Heat the bottle with the fake piss in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Take the thermometer and measure if the heat of the pee is between 94-100°F. If it’s not at the desired level put it back in the microwave for a few more seconds. The temperature needs to remain in this range when you submit your sample.

Step Two

Close the bottle and shake the contents until you feel everything is mixed properly.

Step Three

Make sure the fake pee is at the desired temperature. Attach the heat pad to the bottle and secure it with the rubber band. The heat pad will keep the bottle at the desired temperature for a couple of hours. It’s best to warm the solution the day of your test.

Step Four

Again, make sure the temperature is between 94-100°F. It’s acceptable if it’s at 100°F so it can gradually cool down and reach the desired level.

When you pour the artificial urine in the collection cup it must not be exactly 3oz. In normal circ*mstances, the collection cup won’t catch all of your pee. When what you provide is shy of 3oz it doesn’t make the technician suspect there is fake pee in the cup.

Does UPass Fake Urine Work?

We’ve found mixed reviews but 99% say it will pass a drug test. There are thousands of instances where it does help the person pass the test. When tested in a lab setting the synthetic urine comes back as real human pee, the Upass urine is spot on. This means that the product has not been contaminated, diluted and tampered with. It’s safe to use.

Marijuana users who used this synthetic pee praised it, saying it made them pass their tests. However, users of different drugs hardly showed a positive result. This may mean it doesn’t always work for non-standard rigorous drug tests. However, weed is the most common substance tested by labs.

Cost Of UPass Urine For Sale Near You

The product is generally found online only. Before you purchase the product ensure that the online distributor is credible. This increases your chances of obtaining a real product and passing your test. Many counterfeit products aren’t effective. Buyfakeurine.com is an authorized supplier we recommend.

UPass vs. Quick Fix Plus

When you review UPass you’ll see many people testify they’ve failed the test. The most likely reason is they didn’t follow instructions properly.

Quick Fix Plus doesn’t cause much negativity. Many drug users prefer to cheat the test using this product. The success rate is reported to be 99.987%. Then there are no second thoughts to using this product because you’ll pass.

However, since Quick Fix Plus is so popular, the labs may be looking for its formula in the samples.


The one positive aspect of U-Pass is the color and odor of pee are replicated. These two aspects help fool the technician into thinking the fake pee is real. The brand attempts to replicate the same composition of real piss. However, there are some aspects of the solution that show it’s fake.

Improved technology knows all the components to look for in a pee sample. When the technology doesn’t pick up the right levels creatinine or pH or detects other substances you won’t be successful. You’ll fail your test unless you use the latest solution like Upass 8.4.

Our rating: 4/5

We’ve had good experience with both U Pass and Quick Fix Plus. Use your best judgement when choosing which one to use. Quick Fix may be more reliable when passing difficult multi-panel tests while UPass should work for most common pre-employment drug screens.

Buy UPass now and get a FREE 4th bottle when you order 3.

More Info:

2024 UPass (Fake Pee) Review And Buyer's Guide (2024)


How long does it take for a UPass to heat up? ›

Heat UPass urine in the microwave for 10 seconds. Verify temp; reheat if needed. Shake the bottle to mix the contents.

What temperature should urine be? ›

Urine temperature within 4 minutes of voiding should range from 90°F to 100°F in a healthy individual, whereas temperatures outside of this range may suggest a substituted specimen has been provided. Many specimen cups have a temperature gauge on the side of the cup.

How long is urine good at room temperature? ›

Room temperature: Urine can stay fresh for up to 4 hours at room temperature. After this period, it starts to degrade.

What temp should quick fix plus synthetic urine be? ›

Tighten lid, shake bottle again. Allow the bottle to stand and wait for temperature strip to activate a green dot between 94°–100°F. Black indicates overheated bottle. Allow to cool until a green dot appears between 94°–100°F.

What temperature is a fever in urine? ›

Infections of the kidneys or ureters (tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder) are known as upper UTIs. These can cause the same symptoms as lower UTIs and also: a high temperature (fever) of 38ºC (100.4ºF) or above.

What happens when urine is heated? ›

The ammonia volatilization at high temperature caused the TAN to decrease slightly after treating at 55 °C and 70 °C. The urine pH increased to 7.9–8.9 after heating (Fig.

Can you tell the difference between adult and child urine? ›

There are significant differences in the normal ranges of urine chemistries of children and adults. Calcium, oxalate and citrate levels are significantly higher in children than adults when referenced by creatinine.

What happens if you overheat quick fix urine? ›

A common mistake people make when using fake pee is in the preparation method. The directions indicate that you only need to microwave the urine for 10 seconds, nothing more. But if you put the bottle in the microwave for about 15 – 20 seconds, you did not ruin it. You merely just overheated it.

Why does my Upass have a negative balance? ›

Use of your pass during periods when you are not eligible or the pass is not active may result in a negative balance. Double tapping the card or using the card to provide a ride for a guest may also result in a negative balance.

How long does a urine test last in the fridge? ›

If you can't hand your urine sample in within an hour, you should keep it in the fridge at around 4C (39F) for no longer than 24 hours. If the urine sample isn't kept in a fridge, the bacteria in it can multiply. If this happens, it could affect the test results with overgrowth.

How does the CT Upass work? ›

U-Pass CT is valid for unlimited rides within Connecticut on local & express buses, CTfastrak, Shore Line East, intrastate New Haven Line and CT Rail Hartford Line services. This pass is not refundable or transferable. A valid UConn student ID must be shown at time of pass use.

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