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Once upon a time, there was a blonde driving down the highway. In the distance, she sees a brunette doing jumping jacks in the middle of the road, so she decides to pull over. The brunette is jumping up and down clapping her hands over her head, and shouting, "Twenty one! Twenty one! Twenty one!"

So, seeing how this looks like fun, the blonde gets behind her, and starts doing jumping jacks, and shouts, "Twenty one! Twenty one! Twenty one!" This goes on for about an hour, and the brunette starts getting tired, so she goes and sits down. But the blonde is having the most fun she has ever had in her life just doing jumping jacks in the middle of the hiway shouting twenty one. Along comes a truck and splat! there goes the blonde. Well the brunette gets up and goes back into the road and starts doing jumpingjacks and shouts, "twenty two! twenty two!

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