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One day as the water of the mighty Mississippi River rose a man and his son were forced to retreat to thier rooftop. While there a neighbor passed by in a row boat and shouted, "Come with me I'll take you to higher ground."

The man politely refused saying, "I have faith in the lord, he will save me."

Two hours later as the water continued to rise another neighbor passed in a rubber raft, offering to take them to higher ground.

Again he refused saying, "I have faith in the lord,he will save me."

Four hours passed and as the man and his son clung to the chimmeny, trying to avoid the rising water a Coast Guard helicopter hovered overhead and threw down a ladder, "Climb up so we can take you to higher ground!" he heard them say.

Again he refused saying, "I have faith in the lord he will save me!"

Well no one else came and they met thier fate. Standing before God,the man said, "Lord I believed in you, my faith was strong and unwaivering and you let us drown!"

Looking at him God replied, "I sent a boat, a raft, and a helicopter, what more did you want from me!"

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